Dynapac Compact Cold Planers Offer 20-inch Milling

Dynapac PL500T and PL500TD 20-inch (500 mm) compact cold planers are available as three- or four-wheeled units.

The cold planers feature a maximum cutting depth of 6.3 inches for the PL500T and 7.9 inches for the PL500TD. Each model is powered by a step-3 compliant Cummins QSB 4.5 C110/C130 diesel engine. The engine ratings are 110 hp @ 2200 rpm for the PL500T, and 130 hp for the PL500TD.

Special drums for demarcation work and fine-spaced cutting-drums are designed to be easy and quick to change. Smaller drums with an adapted scraper blade and a side-cutting wheel are available as options on both models.

Dynapac’s patented hydraulically operated front sealed cutter housing, adapted to the shape of the cutting drum, is designed to minimize the accumulation of the milled material.

An additional option for both models is the Dynapac-patented parallelogram front axle. This design is intended for increased traction, reduced wear, and improved wheel control in case of a height difference for the front wheels.

The company has addressed operator ergonomic and safety issues by reducing vibration on the operator’s platform; orienting the controls and instrumentation to face toward the operator; and adopting a user-friendly control-panel layout.

As an option, the PL500T and PL500TD can be fitted with a 39.5-inch conveyor for loading a wheel loader bucket, or with an 18-foot conveyor for loading trucks. Additional options such as a weatherproof canopy, a hydraulically foldable right rear wheel, or the Dynapac electronic leveling system are designed to customize the planer to the contractor’s needs.

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