Flip Screen Australia Introduces New EXC180 Screening Attachment for Excavators

Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd, a designer and manufacturer of an award-winning line of screening attachments, launches the new EXC180 screening bucket. Suitable for 40- to 50-ton excavators, the attachment is the largest excavator-mounted model in the Flip Screen lineup. The EXC180 is built durable and rugged to handle the most demanding applications in a variety of industries including aggregates and road building, construction, demolition, landfill, mining, public works, railway and waste recycling.

The EXC180 replaces the excavator’s bucket and works by rotating 360-degrees continuously, on a single axis. In a clockwise motion, the unit removes smaller particles through an easily interchangeable screen, while a baffle retains larger material, such as steel and concrete up to the size of a 44-gallon drum, so that it may be dumped separately. Upon completion of the screening process, the EXC180 switches to a clockwise rotation to eject material. For added screening efficiency, the attachment is fitted with four high-tensile steel, heavy-duty punch plate cassettes.

Designed for simple, easy operation, the EXC180 requires minimal effort from the equipment operator. Simply scoop desiredmaterial and activate the auxiliary hydraulics, and two Eaton 10,000-series hydraulic motors power the bucket rotation. The bucket’s rotation speed is controlled by the operator via hydraulic flow and is variable between 18 to 25 RPM.

For further operator comfort, the unit’s smooth motion and rotation eliminates jarring, shaking and vibration. This also eliminates added stress on the carrier, reducing maintenance and enhancing excavator life.

The EXC180 features a bucket opening 96 inches wide by 24 inches high, and offers a screening capacity of approximately2.3 cubic yards (full internal capacity: 6.9 cubic yards). Total screening surface area is 96 square feet.

Intended for tough applications, the EXC180 includes a host of features designed to enhance durability. Double-size vanes, thick wall-plates, heavy-stiffener deflector plates, tough baffle supports, a baffle impact plate, and arm- and drain-plug protectors have been integrated to increase the unit’s robustness and strength.

Additionally, the interchangeable screens are built from high-tensile steel mesh for enhanced strength and durability. Seven standard screen sizes are offered, ranging from ½ to 4 inches, with additional, custom sizes available upon request. The EXC180 comes equipped with choice of one mesh screen, and additional screens can be packaged into the purchase. Screen change out is quick and simple, and is done in less than five minutes by one operator, with no tools required.

Other optional equipment includes a reversible bolt-on leading edge or durable, high-strength teeth. The leading-edge breaks into tough, hard-packed material, while teeth are useful for cutting into the most rigid, compacted material.

Flip Screen EX130 is designed for use on excavators from 55,120 lbs. to 77,160 lbs. The unit has 1.7 cubic yards capacity and 73 square feet of screening surface. The EX 130 has a variable/controllable rotation speed of 18 to 25 rpm.

Flip Screen S45 has a capacity of 0.59 cubic yards and weighs 1,279 lbs. without the screening mesh. It is designed for use on skid steer loaders.

Flip Screen WL 180 is the wheel loader version of the attachment designed for use on wheel loaders from 35,270 lbs to 55,120 lbs. It has a capacity of 2.354 cubic yards; weighs 5,401 lbs without the mesh and has a variable rotation speed from 18 to 25 rpm.

The Flip Screen product is marketed and sold in North America by Flip Screen’s own Sales & Service Team.

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