From Hilti: Concrete Form Panel Alignment Made Easy

The new Hilti X-FS Formstop is a fast and simple solution to a common application performed every day by concrete contractors.  Proper positioning of concrete wall or column forms is critical to allow proper flow of concrete in and around rebar as well as controlling the thickness of the wall.  The X-FS is designed to aid in the precise positioning of manufactured concrete wall form panels (by manufacturers such as Symons, Ellis, Dorka, Perifom) or conventional wood frame applications.

Installation of the X-FS Formstop is four to fives times faster than traditional drilling methods, allowing for increased productivity.  Formstop can be quickly installed with the Hilti DX 460 Powder Actuated Tool (with our without magazine) or the Hilti DX 36 Powder Actuated Tool, using a variety of powder-actuated nails to suit specific needs.

Because the X-FS Formstop is made from high impact Polyethylene plastic it absorbs impact from panel placement and won’t corrode after concrete is poured.

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