Genesis Scrap Grapple (GSG) Enhancements Reduce Maintenance, Increase Durability

Further improving upon an already-successful design, Genesis Attachments announces major enhancements to its orange-peel type scrap grapples designed to reduce maintenance, improve durability, lower operating costs and enhance safety.

Available in four models ranging in capacity from .75 yd3 to 1.5 yd3, Dan Raihala, Genesis design engineer, says customers can expect more productivity from this improved design.

“We looked hard at our original design and listened to customer feedback to identify areas in which improvements could be made,” he says. “The first was in the area of maintenance. The new design features composite bearings with dust seals at all pivot points, leaving only the rotation bearing to grease. The heavy-duty cylinder guarding system, designed to protect the cylinders and internal components, is easily removed for maintenance.”

Other changes Raihala cites include reverse-mounted cylinders to protect rods from damage, large-bore hydraulic cylinders to maximize clamping force, and long-life, abrasion-resistant steel tips that are easily replaced with a simple perimeter weld.

“We also recognized that our customers want a choice in tines, and Genesis now offers the widest variety,” he says. “We provide flat bottom or pointed tine shapes and augment them with three spade types—half-, narrow- and wide-width—to meet specific application needs.”

Additional GSG features include large-diameter hardened steel pins with integrated shear-proof retainers, high-torque 360° continuous rotation for better material access and placement, and an overall footprint designed to easily fit inside trailers.

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