Geotextile Systems by Propex Introduces Geotex® Orange Barrier Fabric for Safer Excavations

Geotextile Systems by Propex today introduced Geotex® Orange Barrier Fabric, a nonwoven, polypropylene fabric designed to protect utility and water lines and contaminated soil areas from digging. With the same level of quality performance as Propex’s black geotextile fabric, the fibers are needle-punched to form a stable network of fibers.  Geotex Orange Barrier Fabric is available in  styles ranging from 4 ounces up to 10 ounces per square yard.“One of Propex’s goals is to make our infrastructures safer around the globe,” said Craig Martin, VP of Geotextile Systems.  “Geotex Orange Barrier Fabric is just one more protective step for excavation jobs that signals workers with its bright orange color to stop digging in areas that may have cables, water lines or contamination.”  He added, “Geotex is also a sturdy fabric that meets our stringent quality controls, providing secure soil separation and holding its bright orange color over time.”

With superior strength and dimensional stability for soil separation, Geotex Orange Barrier Fabric also provides excellent drainage with water flow rates of 150 gallons per minute.  It is resistant to biological and chemical environments normally found in soils.  Geotex provides a barrier for underground utilities, historic sites, and hazard areas for more than 120 years.  It is perfect for waste and water management, landfills, highways, air strips and fields.

Geotex Orange Barrier Fabric meets Propex’s internal Manufacturing Quality Control (MQC) tests accredited by the Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute- Laboratory Accreditation Program (GAI-LAP).

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