Xtreme Curb and Gutter Machines

GOMACO’s Xtreme line of concrete curb and gutter machines were featured in the GOMACO booth as part of the company’s display. The new pavers feature Xtreme steering capabilities with rotary-sensored slew drives on each track, Xtreme intelligence with smart hydraulic cylinders combined with G+ control, Xtreme hydraulic packages with independent hydraulic travel circuits to each track with G+ control on each individual track’s speed and smooth travel around radii, and Xtreme radius capabilities when paving with 3D guidance or stringline. 

The 3300 is GOMACO’s multi-application paver with a symmetrical design for right-side and left-side paving. It can also be equipped with a mold mounting kit to undermount a paving mold and be utilized as a transverse slipform paver.

Other Xtreme curb and gutter machines in the GOMACO line up capable of slipforming tight radii are the Xtreme GT-3600 and Commander IIIx. The Xtreme Commander IIIx and GT-3600 are the curb and gutter machines contractors rely on for high-production, maximum quality curb and gutter, barrier, parapet, sidewalk, recreational path, small canal, water channel, and more, multi-application slipform machines.

Rounding out GOMACO’s curb and gutter machine line is the GT-3200, GOMACO’s compact curb and gutter paver. The curb and gutter machines on display will feature the different stringline and stringless paving options from Topcon, Leica Geosystems, and Trimble.

The Curb Cadet

GOMACO reinvented its compact curb machine, the Curb Cadet. It now features a new fiberglass engine shroud, Tier 4 final engine, and the relocation of all controls to the handle for easy reach and operation. It’s now the ultimate compact and highly mobile curb machine for slipforming concrete curb or optional asphalt extrusion.

The Curb Cadet slipforms concrete curb and accommodates concrete mold configurations within 12 inches wide by 14 inches high, and can place concrete over dowels or continuous steel reinforcing. It can also slipform a 24-inch radius, depending on the curb profile. The Curb Cadet is right-hand or left-hand side pour capable with an adjustable sliding hopper and mold. Inside the hopper, a 12-inch diameter by 4.7-foot-long auger moves the concrete. A coordinated stop switch on the Curb Cadet provides automatic on/off vibrator control that is synchronized with the machine’s forward travel. 

GP360 Placer/Spreader Slipform Paver

GOMACO introduces the revolutionary GP360 Placer/Spreader Slipform Paver. The GP360 is the first of its kind, designed and built upon decades of high-production placing and spreading accuracy. It’s both a slipform paver and a placer/spreader on two tracks. As a GP3 slipform paver, it’s capable of slipforming up to 30 feet wide. Add a 60-inch belt and it becomes a concrete placer/spreader for up to 36 feet wide. 

The new innovation gives contractors the technology of the GOMACO GP3 slipform paver with the ability to convert the prime mover into a concrete placer/spreader. The prime mover is equipped with vibrator circuits for paving and auger drive circuits for placing. Controlling the new technology is made possible with the GOMACO-exclusive G+ digital control system. G+ is able to seamlessly handle the controls conversion needed for each application while also bringing onboard machine to machine communication, sonic sensors, 3D machine guidance, and more. 

New High-Production Screed

GOMACO introduces a new high-production screed for widths up to 104 Feet. The new high-production screed can advance up to 4 feet in a single pass drastically reducing finishing time and providing savings on concrete delivery costs and total project labor. It features a 5.7-foot-long leading auger with a high-production strike-off action that reduces the number of puddlers needed out front. A 5-foot-long finishing cylinder, directly behind the auger, compacts and finishes the concrete in a single pass. A 6-foot trailing screed provides the final finish to the surface of the concrete with a unique GOMACO-designed vibratory system. The high-production screed with a patent-pending design for tilt and skew is mounted to the GOMACO C-450 truss system. The new mount is instrumental for the optional 3D package to finish to a 3D design model. The new GOMACO screed system now allows contractors to economically finish city streets, concrete floors, bridge decks, tunnels, and canals at widths up to 104 feet. 

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