Hilti DSH-FSC Gas Saw Floor Cart Extends range of your gas saw

Open a whole new world of applications with the new Hilti DSH-FSC Gas Saw Floor Cart.   The heavy duty floor cart is designed for small cutting jobs requiring the flexibility of a hand held gas saw and the precision cut and performance of a larger dedicated floor saw.

When a large walk behind saw just takes too long to set up, requires too much space, is not available or is just not practical, the Hilti DSH 700 and DSH 900 Gas Saws with the innovative floor saw cart is the ideal solution.  This combination is perfect for applications like cutting expansion joints in concrete, floor sawing asphalt, cured concrete or green concrete and demolition and removal of concrete or asphalt with a maximum cutting depth of 5 ¾” (16” saw).

The gas saw floor cart is made of heavy duty steel construction and is supplied complete with a gravity feed water container that makes the cart completely portable while still giving you the dust suppression needed to help you meet local ordinances or other requirements.

The Hilti DSH 700 and DSH 900 hand held gas saws give operators more productivity with less downtime. The Hilti gas saws perform well in a variety of construction materials including cutting wet/dry concrete and asphalt for small repair projects, expansion joints and curbs, as well as brick and concrete block for small floor or wall openings. These Hilti hand held gas saws also excel in cutting metal deck, rebar, bolts dowel bars, grating and other metals. When the DSH 700 and 900 saws are used with Hilti Equidist custom diamond blades, these saws offer the best in class power-to-weight ratio for optimum cutting speed and productivity.

These hand held saws also come standard with a cyclone filtration system (no pre-filter) and simple starter rope replacement for easy maintenance and maximum durability. The DSH 700 and 900 saws come with up to six months of maintenance parts to provide unparalleled productivity, ease of use and reliability.

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