Hobas Offers Free Tool for Engineers

Hobas Pipe USA is offering a Hydraulic Calculator that compares flows of pipes of two different diameters. It uses the Manning’s coefficient to account for various hydraulic scenarios and works for new construction or rehabilitation. This tool is provided free of charge as quick reference guide.

To request your free calculator, just email to KPaggioli@HobasPipe.com. Please put “calculator” in the subject line and include your complete mailing address.

Or go to www.hobaspipe.com and click on the offer listed under the news section.

Centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar Hobas pipe is inherently corrosion resistant and lasts 100 years or more, making it a favorite of public works officials who evaluate life cycle costs. Hobas Pipe USA has earned ISO 14001 certification representing the core set of standards for environmental performance, marking the company’s dedication to environmentally friendly green practices.

For more information, please contact Hobas at 800-856-7473, 281-821-2200 or email to info@hobaspipe.com. Facts are also available at www.hobaspipe.com.

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