I Make A Better America Photo Contest

The “Picture a Better America” Photo Contest launched just a few weeks ago and the response has been overwhelming! These remarkable pictures are making the visual case for increased infrastructure investment as a way to create American jobs.

We need your help to tell our story! If you haven’t submitted a picture yet, go ahead and send it in for a chance to win a $250 cash prize!

We need you, your family, friends and coworkers to participate and show your elected officials in Congress that our deteriorating roads, highways, and bridges can’t wait any longer for a fully-funded highway bill. We need policies that will create manufacturing jobs to put more Americans back to work!

If you need more information about the Picture a Better America Photo Contest, see my last e-mail below or visit the contest website today.

I’m thankful to you for your support of I Make America. And don’t forget to send in your photos for a chance to win $250 by July 15!

Dennis Slater
President, Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Dear Friend,

Recently, your elected officials in Congress expressed their doubts that they could pass a fully-funded six-year highway bill before its deadline on September 30 1. We need to show them our crumbling roads and bridges – and our struggling economy – can’t wait any longer!

Today we are launching the “Picture a Better America” Photo Contest as a visually compelling way for I Make America supporters to show Congress how their failure to act has very real and immediate consequences for people all across our country. For nearly two years, Congress has failed to invest your tax dollars in transportation projects that will create meaningful jobs, make our roads safer, and make America more competitive in the global economy.

Submit your photo in the “Picture a Better America” Photo Contest and you could win $250.

From April 28 through July 15, 2011, please visit www.IMakeAmerica.com/photocontest to enter different photos in each of four thematic categories below, limit one photo per category, and a chance to win the cash prize. All skill levels are encouraged to enter, share their photos on their personal Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr accounts, and browse other photo submissions.

  • One Bumpy Ride: Disintegrating roads are a fact of life for almost everyone. Some have even rewarded us with a flat tire or worse! Send a photo of a decaying bridge or roadway; show Congress the consequences of their inaction.
  • When we work, America works: Did you know that every $1 billion spent on infrastructure provides 30,000 jobs to hard working Americans? Send a photo of a job site to show what a working America looks like.
  • America Grows Here: A fully-funded highway bill will ensure that the crops that feed and clothe the world will make it to port. Show the beauty of America’s farms by submitting a photo today.
  • Our Many Faces: Americans work hard; it’s what we do. Send us a picture of you, a family member, a neighbor or a colleague who contributes to the national effort of building America!

Submit a photo in one of the four categories above by July 15 and you could win $250!

Nothing gets done in Washington, D.C. without a lot of noise. We are looking forward to your help in showing Congress that Americans across the country support a fully-funded highway bill as a way to get America working again.

Thanks again for all you do in our fight to Make a Better America.

Dennis Slater
President, Association of Equipment Manufacturers

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