ICUEE Only Hours Away, And It Looks Like It Will Be A Really Good Show…

At 8:30 AM tomorrow, October 6, 2009, ICUEE will officially open it’s doors, swing back the gates and welcome some 14,900 header-Logoattendees to its 1,089,000 square feet of exhibit space to see and actually operate the products of 760 exhibitors.

In 2007, with construction and the economy on a high the show had 15,150 pre-show registrations. Considering the fact that the differential between the 2009 and 2007 shows is only 250 registrants it’s hardly worth mentioning. It is, however, interesting to note that there are 250 new companies exhibiting at this year’s show.

If you’re in the construction industry, particularly in the underground and/or utility end of the market, you should be here.  You could spend your time attending the dozens of training and educational session on the program; watching live product demonstrations; or operating and testing equipment.

The listing of new products and/or technologies reaches 149 items. In addition to these products there will be several press conferences. Tomorrow John Deere starts the show off at 7:30 AM with new product introductions. At 9:30 AM Freightliner will be unveiling new, market-appropriate, trucks. And, at 11:30 AM Caterpillar will give the media an opportunity to see the new products it’s introducing to this market.

In addition to these open media events, I will also visit manufacturers in their respective booths to view, on a one-on-one basis, their new products. These will include interviews with IMT, Paladin, Volvo and later in the evening a reception hosted by Vermeer.

I will also sit in on a special presentation on Smart Grid Systems. I will be posting information from the press conferences and giving you an update on the conference activities dur8ing the day as time and opportunity permit.

If you go over to the new products section of this website you can see some of the items being introduced during this year’s show.

More tomorrow…

Greg Sitek

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