JCB Launches New 515-40 Compact Telescopic Handler

JCB is launching the most compact and maneuverable telescopic handler model the company has produced to date. The new JCB 515-40, is the result of an innovative design that keeps the machine’s overall height under six feet, making it suitable for use in more confined areas.

The 515-40  is just 5’ 11” tall, 5’ 2” wide and 9’ 6” long and weighs 7,672 lbs. To achieve the lowest possible overall height, JCB challenged conventional design concepts and developed the 515-40 with an all-new, innovative, off-set single-spine main frame. As a result, the machine has a full-size cab with both easy accessibility and plenty of space for the operator. The new design enables the machine to break through a barrier that previously prevented many compact telescopic handlers from being used in smaller workspaces. According to Chris Giorgianni, general manager of product marketing at JCB North America’s headquarters in Savannah, Ga., the compact 515-40 can be effectively used at sites that could previously only be accessed by skid steer loaders.

“Our new 515-40 is small enough to provide the construction, agricultural and industrial markets with the many benefits offered by our telescopic handler range,” Giorgianni said. “This machine brings the maneuverability and power of the telescopic handler to nurseries, small farms, landscape contractors, building supply yards, warehouses and many other applications that can benefit from its 8’ 6” of forward reach and 13’ 2” of loading height.”

With a turning radius of just nine feet the JCB 515-40 can maneuver in tight work environments. Equipped with 4-wheel steering, 4-wheel drive, a hydrostatic transmission and exceptional ground clearance, the machine can traverse the challenging outdoor conditions often found at a landscaping job site. Its 4-wheel drive system and hydrostatic transmission are designed to get the most power to each wheel. This is achieved by mounting the four drive motors in the axle hub, ensuring the power is exactly where the operator needs it. The drive train design ensures that the 515-40 is at home on the yard or running off-road in wet conditions.

Powered by a 50 hp engine, the 515-40 can carry a hefty payload of 3,300 pounds up to a maximum lift height of 13’ 2”. This combination of features allows the JCB 515-40 to maximize storage space inside small buildings, enables it to load a truck from one side and even grants it access to the inside of a standard container to load it from one end.

“The 515-40 comes standard with a universal skid steer quick attach, opening it up to a vast range of attachments,” Giorgianni added. “This extra functionality combined with ease of operation makes the machine an ideal multi-tasker for any number of applications.”

While the 515-40 may be compact its design does not skimp on operator comfort or safety. The machine comes with a full-size canopy or an optional cab. When outfitted with a cab, the 515-40 also offers optional air conditioning and a deluxe suspension seat. Low noise level and both ROPS and FOPS protection provide additional health and safety benefits. Access to the cab is made easy by a low-level step and flat cab floor, ensuring easy entry and exit for the driver.

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