Kawasaki Z7 Series Wheel Loader Innovations Extend to Operator Mauals

You ask, “What can be innovative about an operator’s manual?’ Answer: “Wait until you see…”

Included in the package of materials given to the customer at the time of deliver is a manual called the Z7 Delivery Handbook, which contains all the information an operator needs to jump on the machine and start operating. The manual is 16-pages-of-machine-critical information; pictures, diagrams, illustrations, diagnostic trees, words and scan-able barcodes. If you don’t have a barcode scanner on your smartphone simply go to the phone’s app store and download ScanLife, a free app.

Once you have the app on your phone go to the book and scan any of 29 instructional barcodes that link you to YouTube videos covering such topics as: Parking Brake, Air Suspension Seat, Quick Power Button, Down Shift Switch, Ride Control Function, and any of the others. The length of the video varies depending on the subject covered. The video includes the appropriate audio.

The videos and dialogue are clear, easy to understand and appropriate the smartphone format. I was impressed and thought this was an excellent application for the use of a smartphone and digital technology. I guess the easiest way to find out is have a new Kawasaki Z7 Series wheel loader delivered to your jobsite. The company has 15 models from .78 to 13.5 cu yd – 45 HP to 720 HP.

Of course you could visit their website: www.kawasakiloaders.com

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