LB Performance™ Introduces Blaw-Knox™ Branded PF-150B Paver at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

LAS VEGAS —LB Performanceä, a division of VT LeeBoy, launched its new Blaw-KnoxÔ branded PF-150B Paver/Finisher at booth C-6581 at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG show in Las Vegas. Taking a trusted and proven design and modernizing with several advanced features, the PF-150B rubber tire paver is a reliable. This new model shares the same rugged design standards as the larger PF-161B model. With a compact, yet heavy-duty design, the paver is able to maneuver easily in confined areas, and is ideal for small to medium commercial projects, including secondary roads and shoulder work.

The PF-150B is powered by a 67-horsepower Kubota V3600, a Tier 4 Interim-compliant diesel engine, and driven by a modern hydrostatic propulsion system. This planetary direct-drive system provides for smooth propulsion at a constant speed, resulting in a quality mat, job after job. Reliable components, combined with the system design contribute to dependable operation and extended paver life.

-2- LB PerformanceÔ Blaw-KnoxÔ PF-150B Paver

Mat quality is further enhanced by the SureHeat® electric screed heat system. The hydraulically adjustable 150-WLE vibratory screed offers a variable paving width from 8 to 13 feet, while adding screed extensions can increase paving width up to 15 feet. Multiple heat elements on the main screed and on each extendible section provide fast, even heat distribution to the entire screed base, allowing the PF-150B to deliver seamless, smooth mats at any width. On-the-go paving width adjustability reduces required handwork and screed set-up time for increased overall jobsite efficiency.

Featuring a 7-ton capacity hopper and a dual feed system, the PF-150B is capable of placing a variety of materials including bituminous base, binder and surface course mixes, cement- or lime-stabilized sub-base and graded aggregate materials. The feed system has been ideally balanced to deliver the optimum material flow for desired width and depth. Material is delivered efficiently to the conveyors via electrically-controlled power flow gates, where heavy-duty, 11-inch diameter cast high wear lined augers feed it to the screed for application.

The on-deck operator control system allows optimum visibility for precision accuracy and safety. For added convenience and comfort, the console is movable, enabling operation from either side of the platform. An optional TopconÔ digital grade and slope control system is available for enhanced precision and accuracy.

The PF-150B has been designed for simplified cleanup and routine maintenance. An 8-gallon, pressurized washdown system enables fast and easy cleanup. Easy access to service checkpoints further simplifies routine maintenance.

-3- LB PerformanceÔ Blaw-KnoxÔ PF-150B Paver

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