Liebherr Construction Equipment Co. Voices Support For Infrastructure Bill

Headquartered in Newport News, Virginia, Liebherr Construction Equipment Co. voices support for the Obama administration’s proposed infrastructure bill.

The administration’s call for investment in the nation’s infrastructure through a multi-year highway bill would benefit the employment base and economy while providing a much needed improvement in highways, railways, ports and infrastructure.

“We applaud President Obama’s comments recognizing the importance of investing in infrastructure to create jobs and get the economy moving.  American competitiveness has always been dependant on the ability to move resources and finished goods efficiently and in a cost effective manner, “said Liebherr Construction Equipment Co. President, Duane Wilder.

“A long-term, multi-year highway reauthorization bill has been stalled in Congress with short-term extensions passed every few months.  Without the certain funding of a multi-year bill, long term and larger projects remain stalled.  This has severely impacted our customers and dealers as equipment has sat idle and employees terminated or laid-off; all while our critical infrastructure needs continue to escalate” Wilder said.

“We welcome the President’s comments and hope Congress and the administration will work together to pass a multi- year Highway Bill.  This is a critical first step toward the infrastructure investment required to get the economy moving and provide meaningful job growth” Wilder added.

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