MMS Offers Robo Cop 2010

Midwest Mobile Surveillance, based in Columbus, Ohio offers Robo 2010, a self-contained jobsite video surveillance system. The system uses the latest in video compression, wireless, cellular networks, and mobile technology, making it possible to monitor any site from; anywhere.

Self-Contained Power

  • Up 2-week runtime on the 1000 amp hour battery bank, plus an 85-watt solar assist panel.
  • All electronics, and cameras use no more than 12 volts DC.
  • From a dead state, batteries will recharge in 8 to 10 hours through 110 VAC outlets on trailer.
  • The units can be fitted with a self-starting generator that will provide for 30 day run time.


  • You can connect directly to the trailer with a Laptop (Provided with the Unit).
  • Local area connection through 900MHz encrypted radio link. (Optional)
  • Wi-Fi hot spot.
  • Cellular Technology allows view and control from PC anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity and software.
  • Capable of linking to Live 24/7 monitoring service.

Camera Features

  • 2 Smart Track II Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) dome cameras with 26x optical zoom (36x option)
  • Day/night functionality with automatic switching to B/W for night surveillance.
  • Preset options/object-tracking capabilities.
  • 480 TV lines of resolution with up to 30 frames per second.
  • 520 TV lines of resolution in B/W when light levels hit 0.01 lux.
  • Heater/Blower enclosure in the camera dome and trailer.
  • 360-degree rotation with 190 degrees in one motion.

Physical Features

  • 30’ extendable mast for optimum vantage point.
  • Leveling outriggers.
  • Weight 1850 lbs.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Wind resistant up to 65 mph.
  • Anti-theft measures:
    • Removable tongue with padlock.
    • Wheel Clamp.
    • On-line GPS tracking (optional).
    • Tamperproof locking side panels.
    • Internal shock sensor.

According to MMS, the system is an affordable option to other site security systems including guards and trained guard dogs.

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