More New Products From ICUEE 2009


(Green Product)


Brand FX “Go Green LS Bodies” are up to 50% lighter than steel. This weight reduction will result in:

1) Increase in fuel efficiency of 7%-15%

2) Reduce carbon emissions penalty by as much as 40%

FX “Go Green LS Bodies” can help your fleet go green for about the same cost your paying for heavy steel.

Rota Engineering Ltd

RotaRota Engineering LTD will demonstrate the latest evolution in the world of position sensing of hydraulic cylinders, EH control.With the advent of lower transducer cost through automation the next logical step in overall cost reduction comes through a new patent applied for method of utilizing a linear transducer outside the cylinder.

EHV Transmission Equipment and Tools

For over 40 years, Sherman & Reilly has offered EHV transmission pullers, tensioners, reel stands, reel trailers, and pilot lineEHVwinders for the installation of multiple EHV conductors. S & R also manufactures EHV type bundle blocks and accessories for installing 2, 3, 4, and 6 conductors per phase including the only wheel transfer of a pilot line used in helicopter construction. Grounding devices are available to reduce induction from adjacent lines during installation.

Vizion Headlamp

Vizion IndustrialThe world’s first non-hinged rotating headlamp. Waterproof design. Lightweight. eLED Technology. Also can be used as mini-lantern. Smaller. Lighter. Brighter. Better. It’s what we’re all about.

Snap-On Flood lens


Start with a Golight, Inc. remote control spotlight with its bright viturally perfect beam of light. Add the snap-on flood lens and adapter bezel to turn the spotlight into a wide-area work light.


Collective fleet

A powerful, flexible, simple fleet maintenance management system that allows organizations to managenot only their vehicle fleet maintenance, but to also take advantage of other important fleet data such as employee records, parts, tools, fuel consumption, gps, motor pool, and much more. Fleet managers gain an advantage by having one, central source for all of their fleet information. Better data leads to informed decisions that can save your organization thousands of dollars per year.

Revolution Series Auger and Anchor Drives

Revolution SeriesVisit Pengo booth 1501 to see one of our largest new product releases in years, the Revolution Series Auger and Anchor Drives. 

This new product offering will include drives for use with prime movers such as compact skid steers, compact digger derricks, compact excavators, skid steer loaders, digger derricks, backhoes and excavators. The sleek design and quality workmanship will make this the drive to have on your rig.

PowerView™ 750


The PowerView 750 CAN-based display features a fully modular design. Any of the major components can be redesigned to meet your exact needs. You can rework the i/o board to add extra input. You can add custom graphics and company branding to the interface and even change the shape of the bezel andbuttons. The PowerView 750 display also has configuration software for OEMs available to make quick and easy changes to the onscreen display. The PowerView 750 features endless possibilities.

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