NAPA’s regional conference focusing on Value, Quality, and Performance

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Public agencies
 and private companies alike want to make sure they get the best value for their dollars, especially when budgets are tight. And the 21st Century Asphalt Pavements Conference has the solutions. It brings together a day and a half of case studies, roundtables, and research into pavement preservation and sustainable pavements.

 NAPA’s regional conference focusing on ValueQuality, andPerformance

 Wednesday, Dec. 5 – Thursday, Dec. 6

 Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel

What’s in store?
  • Networking and roundtable discussions
  • Latest information on infrastructure fundingpavement type selectiondesignpreservation, and porous pavements    
  • Optional FREE tour of a tire recycling facility
Hotel rates have been extended until Tuesday, Nov. 27!
Hotel Rates at the Sheraton:
Government Agency Attendees (with proper identification) – $96  

Schedule of Events
Wednesday, December 5
Superior Performance: Versatility and Innovations
Welcome and Opening Remarks – The Future of Infrastructure Funding
   Speaker: Jay Hansen, National Asphalt Pavement AssociationCombining WMA and Recycled Materials: Contractor Experiences

   Speaker: Todd Genovese, Martin MariettaAgency Experience with RAP, RAS, and WMA

   Speaker: TBD
High RAP Turns in a Solid Performance: Results from the NCAT Test Track
   Speaker: Buzz Powell, NCATThin Asphalt Overlays: The Multi-Tool for Pavement Preservation

   Speaker: Cliff Ursich, Flexible Pavements of OhioNational Perspective on Porous Pavements

   Speaker: Kent Hansen, National Asphalt Pavement Association

Quality in Asphalt Pavements
Testing Asphalt Mixtures: Set-up, Frequency, and Dealing with Variability

Speaker: Adam Hand, Granite Construction Company

Quality Assurance for Asphalt Mixtures: Agency Perspective
Speaker: Scott Andrus, Utah DOT

Engineered Asphalt Binders: Types and Selection Process
Speaker: Karissa Mooney, NuStar Asphalt Marketing

Using Rubber in Asphalt Pavements: What You Need to Know
Speaker: Doug Carlson, Liberty Tire Recycling, LLC

Longitudinal Joint Construction – What is Achievable?
Speaker: Dave Johnson, Asphalt Institute

Thursday, December 6
Providing Value through Pavement Design

MEPDG: What You Need to Know for a Successful Asphalt Design
 Speaker: Harold Von Quintus, Applied Research Associates, Inc.

Perpetual Pavements: The Most Value-Added Pavement
 Speaker: David Timm, Auburn University

Pavement Type Selection: Alternate Bidding and LCCA
   Speaker: Brian Wood, The Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky, Inc.

Pavement-Vehicle Interaction Studies: What is Important?
Speaker: Richard Willis, NCAT

Green Metrics
Speaker: Howard Marks, NAPA

OPTIONAL TOUR on Thursday afternoon immediately following the conference! Free tour of Liberty Tire Recycling for pre-registered attendees only. Lunch and transportation will be provided. Don’t miss this opportunity to tour a high-volume facility producing recycled tire rubber (RTR) for use in asphalt paving.


Call Nancy Lawler or Sandy Lucchesi for more information about
the 21st Century Asphalt Pavements Conference:
Value, Quality, and Performance
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