National Demolition Association’s Environmental Excellence Awards Salutes Projects in Seven U.S. States and Canada

NDA Logo Projects cleaned up hundreds of contaminated acres of land in Nevada, aided in the redevelopment of a Michigan city, remediated a former paper mill site, recycled lumber into bio-fuel, and lead to the reuse of reclaimed materials in high-profile new construction sites.

National Demolition Association (NDA) presented the 3nd annual Environmental Excellence Awards to five companies which have performed demolition projects that demonstrate significant environmental conservation and community improvement, while bringing about a discernible positive impact on the quality of life in the U.S. and Canada.

“The Environmental Excellence Awards recognize NDA member companies which are true leaders in environmental stewardship,” said Michael R. Taylor, CAE, Executive Director of the NDA.  “Environmental stewardship is one of the demolition industry’s primary missions and these winning projects help illustrate truly dramatic efforts our members have made to make this a reality.

The winning projects, which were honored at the National Demolition Association’s 40th Annual Convention in Las Vegas, are:

Project: Mohave Generating Station, Laughlin, NV

ncm-mohave1NDA Member: NCM Demolition & Remediation, Brea, CA

NCM is currently decommissioning Southern California Edison’s giant Mohave Generating Station in Laughlin, NV, just west of Las Vegas.  The power plant is a 1,580-MW, coal-fired electric generating station situated on 3,000 acres adjacent to the Colorado River.  The facility has 217 acres of storage ponds, evaporating ponds, and a 300-acre landfill.  The scope of NCM’s scope of services includes asset recovery, asbestos abatement, hazardous materials handling, structural demolition, relocations of pond contents, and closure of the on-site landfill 



Project:  Revitalizing the City of Saginaw, MI

NDA Member: Bierlein Companies, Inc., Midland, MI

Bierlein Companies-6Bierlein Companies partnered with AKT Peerless Environmental and Energy Services to reform environmental remediation and demolition services at the Downtown Saginaw Redevelopment Project.  The scope of the project included the demolition of the eight-story Crowne Plaza Hotel and the adjacent 160,000-sq.-ft. Downtown Saginaw Mall.  The work also included abatement of 200,000 sq. ft. of asbestos material and universal waste removal.  Some 98% of the building materials onsite were recycled.




Project:  Plymouth Cordage Mill #2 Demolition and Recycling, Plymouth, MA

NDA Member:  Costello Dismantling Co., West Wareham, MA

Costello Dismantling Co3During the demolition of the Plymouth Cordage Mill in Plymouth, MA, Costello Dismantling was looking for innovative ways to recycle high-quality Southern Yellow Pine beams and structural decking in the building that have been exposed to more than a century of saturation from mineral oil used to condition hemp fibers prior to rope manufacturing.  After rigorous testing, sorting and shredding, the lumber was converted into 4,500 tons of bio-fuel.




Project:  Gaspesia Pulp and Paper Mill, Chandler, QC, Canada

NDA Member: EDS, Montreal, QC, Canada

Microsoft Word - NDA.docxEDS received a turnkey contract to dismantle and pack all process equipment; to perform the complete remediation of all contaminated materials; to remediate and decontaminate the entire site; to complete the demolition of all buildings and other structures on the site; and to recycle all of the structural steel and non-ferrous metals on site.  The object of the work was to provide the local community with a remediated site and green area for future park and golf course development.




Project: Reuse and Recycling in Projects in KS, MO, NY, UT

planetreuse2NDA Member: PlanetReuse, Kansas City, MO

The goal of PlanetReuse’s projects is to increase the reuse of reclaimed materials in a way that is beneficial to the owners, the demolition and recycling industries, and the end users.  Examples include the reuse of 86,000 sq. ft. of cypress, reclaimed hemlock, Douglas fir, and pine/spruce in a school in Greensburg, KS; the use of reclaimed material for the exterior walls of Kansas City’s Kaufman Center of the Performing Arts and bridges in Utah; 10,000 sq. ft. of oak flooring from a restaurant in Kansas City’s Power & Light District which was processed for reuse as flooring in two new retail project; and recycled portion of President Obama’s inauguration state into framing and walls for the Omega Institute for Sustainable Living in Rhinebeck, NY.


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