New Marsh Buggy Offers Unique Features

The new Amphibious Marsh Buggy from LongReachHighReach
(LRHR) boasts features such as two hydraulic motors on each
set of tracks, expandable pontoons and a unique design allowing
easy breakdown and reassembly in a matter of hours.

Marsh Buggy (Amphib MB)The model is specifically designed to maneuver and go through
swampy areas with soft underfoot terrain where traditional
excavators cannot operate.

LRHR’s Amphib MB is extremely productive in dredging,
erosion control and erosion prevention. It also provides
efficiency in waterway, river and pond shoreline construction
and can be used for maintenance and clearing of rivers, lakes
and other water projects.

The two hydraulic motors on each set of tracks provides the
equivalent of four-wheel drive. The track chain is a three rail
system. Shoes and cleats are supported by the track chain
which provides a unifying pulling force with a superior weight
to drive ratio across each track shoe and cleat.

A manual expansion system allows the pontoons to move in
and out by one-foot on each side increasing and reducing the
overall footprint of the marsh buggy.

Uniquely designed for easy breakdown and reassembly in a
matter of hours, the Amphib MB and 20-ton excavator top
can be shipped economically in three containers for contractors
doing jobs in remote and distant areas.

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