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New Atlas Copco MB 750 Hydraulic Breaker

The MB 750 is Atlas Copco’s newest addition to its line of versatile medium-duty hydraulic breakers. The MB 750 features a new double retainer bar system and DustProtector II to maximize the service life of the tool. The results are greater productivity and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

The MB 750 has the highest operational efficiency in its weight class. Powered by a combination of oil and gas, the MB 750 recovers energy by maximizing the recoil effect. This boosts the output power of the breaker without increasing the hydraulic input power of the carrier, which results in less fuel consumption during operation.

With the highest output-to-weight ratio in its class, the MB 750 also achieves performance and productivity without adding weight to the carrier or requiring the use of a larger carrier to handle the load. In addition, the MB 750’s general versatility and compatibility with a broad spectrum of excavators means more options on the job site.

The MB 750 at 118 dB (A) is one of the quietest hydraulic breaker in its weight class. Atlas Copco’s VibroSilenced system isolates the percussion mechanism acoustically from the external guide system. Moreover, the VibroSilenced system prevents damaging vibrations that could be detrimental to both the carrier and the operator.

A new feature on the MB 750 is the double retainer bar system, which maximizes the service of the tool and retainer system. Extra long retainer bars provide a maximum contact surface to the tool and the lower hammer, and they can be used on both sides for extended service life. Double retainer bars offer higher wear resistance than a retainer pin and are a reliable and proven locking system for the locking pins.

The MB 750 is also available with the patented DustProtector II, a two-stage sealing system with coarse and fine strippers that prevents the penetration of abrasive dust into the lower section of the breaker. DustProtector II also keeps the lubricant around the wear bushing for a longer period of time, lowering grease consumption. The system reduces wear on the bushings and the hammer and protects against damage.

The MB 750 is ideal for secondary breaking, demolition, excavation and trenching, tunneling, and special applications such as underwater – or any job that calls for a hydraulic breaker with a powerful, efficient and reliable design.

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