Perkins powers up with new range of IOPUs

Perkins is set to launch a new Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB compliant range of Industrial Open Power Units (IOPU) that will see an increase in not only power and torque but also in the number of options available. IOPUs are essentially a turnkey power package comprising engine, aftertreatment, radiator, air cleaner and optional compressor, and for the 1206E this will all be mounted on a base frame.

The first commercially available package will be the 1206E IOPU which features the award-winning 1206E-70TTA seven liter, six cylinder engine. Capable of producing 275hp and ‘B’ tier ratings up to 225 hp, the unit offers top of the range performance thanks to its high pressure common rail fuel system and two-stage turbos with smart wastegate for added responsiveness.

It has been designed to offer maximum productivity combined with low cost of operation and maintenance. Fuel consumption has been improved by eight percent over Tier 3 models, while built-in features such as hydraulic tappets and multi-vee belts reduce service and labor costs.

Though the IOPU comes as a factory-built package, there is a degree of installation flexibility whereby the aftertreatment can be mounted above the engine or left loose where height constraints apply.

“The IOPU is ideal for OEMs who want all the benefits of Perkins’ advanced engine technology, but require minimum or no engineering work on their machines. It really is a ‘plug in and play’ solution, where it’s possible to hook up the battery, add some fuel and, with minimal work, you’re ready to go. To enhance its functionality there are plans to introduce a control panel as well,” says Daniel Clayton, Tier 4 product marketing manager.

To support the launch of the 1206E, Perkins recently partnered with its Finnish distributor, Ekstrom, at this year’s FinnMetko exhibition in Finland. Equipped with a working 1206E engine, the Perkins exhibition trailer attracted thousands of visitors who experienced the Tier 4 product at work.

Pilot engines will be available from December 2010 and to support the new offering Perkins will be posting a product video, detailing all the features and benefits of the IOPU on the newly launched

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