Pipeline Machinery International Gets New Senior Vice President

that Anthony J. (Tony) Fernandez
that Anthony J. (Tony) Fernandez

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) President Mel Ternan, on behalf of the Board of PLM announced that Anthony J. (Tony) Fernandez has taken on the new position of Senior Vice President with PLM.  Fernandez will expand his current Americas role and will take on all global sales and operations responsibility for the company.

“Tony has done an excellent job working closely with our customers and has led our Americas team through the challenges presented by the extraordinary level of growth since our formation in 2005,” said Ternan. “With Tony taking responsibility for daily operational and sales issues, we will have more opportunity at the president level to concentrate on strategic and PLM expansion plans.”

Fernandez has been with PLM since its inception in May 2005.  He was previously with Ring Power Corporation for 17 years in the roles of international accounts manager and later, pipeline division manager.  Fernandez participated in the early discussions that resulted in a four-dealer partnership to form PLM and provide global focus from Caterpillar to the pipeline industry.  He will continue his valued contributions as a member of the executive advisory team.

PLM was established in 2005 and is the first Caterpillar dealership to focus on a particular industry on a global basis.  PLM provides purpose-built and traditional construction equipment to the mainline pipeline construction industry on projects around the world.  PLM works closely with pipeline owners, contractors and local Caterpillar dealers to provide solutions tailored to the unique product and service needs of this industry.

PLM’s worldwide activities are currently supported through the headquarters office in Houston, Texas, the Canadian operations headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, the European operations headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, the China operations headquarters in Beijing and a soon to be opened office in Singapore for the Asia-Pacific region.

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