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I know as a person I’m not unique, that there are others who think, feel and believe in the same basic things I do. I don’t know about you but when I listen to all endless discussion about health care, the deals being made to push it through, no matter what – even selling out the country so one state can benefit – it convinces me that the system is not working as it was designed and intended to by our founders.

We are faced with one of the worst economic situations in our history and our representatives are wasting time debating a health care package that won’t go into effect for four years, if ever. Out transportation infrastructure is in a state of continuing deterioration and nothing is being done. Our highway trust fund bill expired and was extended and the extension has expired and we do nothing.

Now, on this point, we – you and I – are at fault. According to friends close to this all-important topic, congress isn’t responding because once again, there is no strong grass roots effort being made to push them into action. In other words we haven’t done our job of letting them know how important our roads are to us.  This is the second time we have fallen down on the job. Last time the reauthorization there wasn’t enough “grass roots” support to make congress respond in timely fashion.

Well fine, if you get a few blowouts, bent rims or broken axles because of the potholes you drive over; if you spend an extra 45 minute or an hour in morning rush-hour traffic; or if you can’t get goods to market at a reasonable cost; or if your domestic shipping costs are higher than international cost don’t blame anyone but yourself.

This brings me to the point I want to make. Just the other day I got a chiding e-mail from a friend in California. I pick on him constantly because of some very obvious flaws with the state so he sent me an e-mail pointing with links to an individual who has thrown his hat in the ring to run for congress. He was referring to about Pete Stiglich. If you live in California vote for Pete…

Much of what he has to say and is about makes a lot of sense but I’m not from California so I won’t get into that but I am from this country and I will get into his very interesting solution to many of our very serious problems. If the video doesn’t work for you I will provide a link that may or may not work.

Before I embed Pete’s video, Bring home the politicians, I want ask you if you are: happy with the fact that congress is going to get a big fat raise in January (they voted it in for themselves); that they have the best health care insurance on earth and we are paying for it? There are a bunch of other questions that demand answers but right now that’s enough. Watch this video. If it doesn’t work try the link. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter what your part affiliation may be, Pete’s solution to many of our problems does, in fact, make a lot of sense, think about it…

Greg Sitek

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