President’s Jobs Plan ‘Won’t Pass Inspection’ With The Construction Industry

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) 2011 National Chairman Michael J. Uremovich, president of Great Lakes Energy Consultants, LLC, Manhattan, Ill., said tonight that President Obama’s jobs plan “won’t pass inspection” with the construction industry when it comes to creating jobs and getting Americans back to work.

“We are disappointed that the president did not come up with any new, innovative ideas to address the nation’s serious economic problems, especially the critical issues facing the construction industry,” said Uremovich.

“Job growth will not begin until we first rollback the costly, burdensome and job-killing regulations that have buried business owners in government red tape and created a climate of uncertainty among construction contractors,” said Uremovich.

“Missing from the president’s plan was an initiative on public-private partnerships as an opportunity to responsibly invest in improving our nation’s infrastructure, including energy facilities, schools and military installations without adding to our deficit,” Uremovich said. “The Military Housing Privatization Initiative is one example of a public-private partnership where both the private sector and the federal government profited, jobs were created and federal infrastructure was improved, enhanced and expanded at no cost to the taxpayer, the federal government or the deficit.”

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