Purolator’s 2011 Heavy-Duty Filter Catalog Expands Coverage For Over-The-Road Trucks

Purolator’s 2011 catalog for heavy-duty applications (PUCT211) significantly expands and updates its coverage of filtration products for commercial over-the-road (OTR) vehicles, as well as agricultural and mobile off-highway equipment.

Presented in an easy-to-use format, this 688-page catalog covers filters for gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles as well as those for construction and farm equipment. Applications include trucks, buses, lift trucks, dump trucks, road graders, fertilizer sprayers, concrete mixers, excavators, crawler tractors, wheel dozers, drilling equipment, cranes and sweepers, tractors, and backhoes. Also included are ATVs and snowmobiles. The catalog lists virtually every type of oil filter that could be needed for these vehicles.

The kinds of filters offered through the catalog include spin-on and cartridge type oil filters, engine air and cabin air filters, primary and secondary fuel filters, fuel/water sparators, transmission filters including those for electronically controlled transmissions, winch filters, power-steering filters, and more.

“We have not only provided excellent coverage for heavy duty vehicles, but have also been steadily increasing our offerings to meet the growing filtration needs of our customers,” said Richard Moore, Senior Product Manager for Purolator Heavy Duty Filters. “With this latest catalog we are once again expanding and updating the information.”

“Those servicing heavy-duty and commercial vehicles can get answers to virtually any filter-related question by contacting the Purolator PROs, our team of technical experts who will provide a personal reply to anyone with a question about filters within 48 hours,” said Moore. Purolator PROs can be contacted through the website at www.purolatorautofilters.com.

Copies of the new 2011 Purolator Heavy-Duty Filter catalog (PUCT211) are available from the Bosch Sales Office, Aftermarket Division, 2800 South 25th Avenue, Broadview, IL 60155 or by calling Purolator Customer Service at      (800) 526-4250. The catalog is available in the United States, Canada and Mexico.



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