RDO welcomes 2018 Topcon Technology Roadshow to North Dakota

RDO welcomes 2018 Topcon Technology Roadshow to North Dakota

RDO Integrated Controls announces the arrival of the 2018 Topcon Technology Roadshow to Bismarck, North Dakota. From July 10 and 11, the expandable semi-trailer truck with a seated theater room and product showcase stops in Bismarck along with the RDO team.

The Topcon Technology Roadshow features the latest construction, survey, civil engineering, architecture and design technologies in a hands-on environment across North America. The free program features live demonstrations and presentations focused on productivity and profitability.

“Attendees have the opportunity to see the newest technology coming to market, from machine control to total stations to mass data capture solutions,” said Adam Gilbertson, VP, RDO Integrated Controls. “What’s especially exciting is they have the chance to get hands-on with it and experience the technology to really understand how it can help them become more profitable and efficient in their work.”

Scott Langbein, Topcon Positioning Group director of marketing in the Americas, said, “We are excited to welcome Montana area positioning professionals make informed positioning technology decisions with our The Intersection of Infrastructure and Technology theme — the crossroads where construction productivity is improved by applying advanced positioning technology.”

For more information, visit topconroadshow.com.

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