SAKAI Raises Bars on Intelligent Compaction and Compaction Line at ConExpo 2011

Las Vegas, NV -Since 1918, SAKAI has been the innovator in compaction products designed to work faster, harder and smarter so that contractors around the world can get work done and make money.

In 1999, the company unveiled the world’s first 4000 vpm asphalt rollers, proving to paving contractors that it was possible to move faster across the material while gaining not only the density required, but higher profits along with it.

In 2002, while competitive OEMs were finally introducing their very first 4000 vpm models, SAKAI brought their entire line of 4000 vpm machines to Las Vegas.  Along with them, the company introduced the world’s first track drive vibratory soil compactor designed to climb 100% grades on landfills, embankments and earthen dams.  To make their point at the show, they drove their machine up an extremely steep portable bridge deck rented and rigged just for the show.

In 2005, the world’s first Vibratory Pneumatic Tire Roller, designed specifically to overcome density demands on challenging new asphalt mixes, was shown by the company for the first time at ConExpo.

With a real-time demonstration of their version of Intelligent Compaction – SAKAI’s Compaction Information System – with rapid compaction readings right at the operator station while the roller is on the run.

At the 2011 show, SAKAI once again brought more innovative compaction technology to ConExpo, this time in the form of more new asphalt and soil rollers and an advanced version of the company’s Compaction Information System (CIS).  The latter Intelligent Compaction system is now recognized as the best in the industry by D.O.T. and F.H.W.A officials and the asphalt contractors using this technology.

This advanced system is factory-installed on SAKAI’s single drum vibratory soil rollers or double drum vibratory asphalt rollers and can be used for a variety of applications. CIS uses GPS position data and is compatible with most GPS systems used on construction projects.

CIS hardware includes a large touch screen PC display, the Compaction Control Value (CCV) sensor and a surface temperature sensor.  AithonMT software allows the roller to document the compaction process and the AithonPD office software creates the plan files and allows for further analysis of the data and for preparing reports that quantify the compaction results.

At ConExpo, the CIS was installed on SAKAI’s largest and newest double drum vibratory asphalt roller, the SW990, where it was demonstrated for eager contractors and agency officials.  The SW990 is a 4000 vpm double drum vibratory asphalt roller with 84” wide (2130 mm), machined smooth drums.  It features up to 29,675 pounds (132 kN) of centrifugal force per drum and dual amplitude for high density and rapid compaction of thick lift HMA.

Sakai also previewed two new double drum rollers that bring high-output forces and 3000 vpm (50 Hz) vibration for compaction of thick lift HMA and a lower output oscillation for compaction of thin lift HMA and mats over sensitive sub-surface infrastructure like bridge decks or utilities.  These new roller features are available in both the SW652ND-58” (1480 mm) and SW770ND-67” (1700 mm) models.

The newer oscillation system is unique, as unlike competitive models, BOTH drums vibrate and BOTH drums oscillate, for faster, more economical compaction of a wide range of mix designs and lift thicknesses.  Also, these are switchable from the operator’s station with no climbing up to and down from the machine to the drums while changing tasks.

Last but not least, SAKAI re-introduced their own line of Light Compaction Equipment including plate compactors, rammers, forward-reverse plate compactors, walk-behind rollers and compact double drum tandem rollers for a wide range of smaller applications.  Prior, SAKAI Light products were marketed in North America by another company, but will now be sold and serviced by their own dealer network through the company and its North American headquarters.

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