SAKAI Unveils NEW Line-Up of Light Compaction Equipment at ConExpo 2011

Las Vegas, NV – For the first time at ConExpo, SAKAI displayed an entire line-up of light compaction products including plate compactors, rammers, walk-behind rollers, compact double drum rollers and forward-reverse plates.

The plate compactor line includes two high force models with plate sizes of 14” x 20.5” (356 mm x 521 mm) and 19.5” x 23” (495 mm x 584 mm).  Centrifugal force outputs range from 2,645 pounds (11.8 kN) to 3,640 pounds (16.2 kN) designed to gain compaction fast.

These machines work for a wide range of applications like  rapid compaction of dirt around footings, foundations, posts and other obstacles, compaction of backfill in trenches as well as for numerous base compaction and paver setting on hardscaping projects.  Both models are available with sprinkler systems for small asphalt paving jobs and patchwork.

Three additional models feature a forward-reverse function designed to move the compactor quickly in either direction while compacting.  This feature is especially useful for trench applications, where tight trench walls and trench boxes make turning a forward-only plate compactor around an unsurmountable challenge.

SAKAI’s rammers generate high impact forces up to 5,100 pounds (22.7 kN) to make quick work of challenging compaction chores in tight spots.  Shock isolation systems in these models reduce vibrations transmitted back to the handles, which are adjustable to the operator’s height.

At ConExpo, SAKAI also displayed their unique, steerable 1,590 pound (721 kg) double drum walk-behind roller, perfect for compaction chores on numerous earthmoving projects.  This machine features high compaction output, tight side frame clearances and maneuverability thanks to a steerable front drum.  A built-in spray system makes this work on smaller jobs too.

SAKAI’s Light line is further enhanced by a series of compact double drum and tandem rollers that make quick work of smaller soil and asphalt jobs where tight quarters and high compaction needs are the orders of the day.  A choice of double steel drum vibratories with 4000 vpm operating frequencies (like the company’s larger machines), combination steel vibratory/static pneumatic tire and cost-effective steel vibratory/steel static drum roller suit a wide range of asphalt jobs and mix conditions.

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