Shoe In Safety Toe Shoe Covers Fit Over Most Shoes Or Boots

In every workplace across a number of industries, safety is the top priority, but it isn’t always easy or cost-effective to implement. Ideal for any business where safety is a chief concern, the steel toed Shoe In Safety Toe is a simple, affordable footwear solution that protects feet while also keeping shoes and floors clean.

The Shoe In Safety Toe is a lightweight EVA steel toe overshoe that quickly and easily slips on over boots or shoes. Ideal for short-term safety needs, such as guests visiting a worksite where steel-toed shoes are required, these overshoes are a simple solution for a number of occupations. The hands-free design means no bending over to put them on or take them off, and patented gripper teeth ensure that Shoe In Safety Toe overshoes stay on with no slipping or sliding. There is no left or right distinction making them even easier to use, and they rinse off easily for quick cleaning. The Shoe In Safety Toe comes in just four sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large), and fits over most boots and shoes up to size 16.

Shoe In is made of high quality EVA material for lasting comfort. The shoe you wear with any Shoe In will determine proper fit.

Shoe In should be not be used for climbing or running as this may pose a potential trip hazard. Do not wear Shoe Ins while driving. Shoe In cannot prevent all slips and falls. Shoe In with Ice-Ts (Ice Traction System) should not be worn on non-ice covered surfaces. Shoe In with Safety Toes is tested to the ASTM F 2413-05 Standard but cannot comply with the standard. The ASTM F 2413-05 Standard states no overshoe can meet or comply with the standard.

Special Features: Steel Toe – Tested To, But Not Compliant With ASTM F 2413-05. Lightweight EVA. Hands Free. No Left/Right. Rinse Off. Two Slip Resisting Rubber Pads. Flex Groove Design. Fits Over Most Shoes or Boots for Temporary Safety Toe Protection.

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