Superior Industries Launches New Track Mounted Radial Stacking Conveyor

Superior Industries, a leading American manufacturer of conveyor systems and components, reveals its newest conveyor design to the market today. Known as the Geotrek™ Conveyor, the track mounted radial stacker can be directly linked with portable crushing and screening equipment in applications that require material stockpiling.

Equipped with independent hydraulic cylinders at both the head and tail ends of the conveyor, the unit can also be used as a mobile transfer or link conveyor. Other common applications include bulk material loading to ships, barges and trucks.

For smooth and steady handling during travel, Superior engineers equipped the unit with proportional track drive controls. The technology allows for smoother, steadier travel when the tracks are engaged. Each Geotrek Conveyor also features the company’s patented powerfold design. During unfolding, the stacker’s hydraulic cylinders retract, protecting the cylinder rods from damaging dust and debris during operation. The new track mounted stacker also comes equipped with a remote control to operate the unit’s belt and tracks.

To date, Superior has engineered and manufactured a pair of 42-inch wide by 80-foot long Geotrek Conveyors. The units are self-contained, each equipped with a 77 HP diesel engine to supply hydraulic power to the tracks, drive, raise and fold functions. As the only North American conveyor manufacturer with in-house components manufacturing, the units were also assembled with Superior brand idlers, Chevron® wing pulleys, Exterra® belt cleaners and take-ups.

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