Gorilla Grapple

Sidney Manufacturing’s Gorilla Grapple is designed to handle everything on the farm, job site or whatever you throw at it – this will grab, carry and even crush.  This versatile, powerful grapple is designed to fit most skid steers.
When the inventor […]

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Vermeer Cable Layer Attachment Sorts, Configure And Feed Three Cables In A Single Pass

The installation of wind-energy farms has grown dramatically the past five years and so has the equipment to install these lines. In the past, contractors have had to make multiple passes to install these lines — until now.

Vermeer Corporation’s experience as a manufacturer of underground installation equipment, has introduced a series of underground products to aid in the installation of wind-energy transmission lines.

“The interest in wind energy and installation of wind-energy farms has grown dramatically in the past five years,” says Mark Cooper, director of specialty excavation for Vermeer. “Vermeer has followed this market closely and worked closely with those involved to develop specialty equipment that enhances the installation efficiency of wind-energy transmission lines.”

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