Tom Ewing’s Regulatory Update

COVID-19: The Center for Disease Control’s comment period closed Friday, 09/21, regarding ideas to safely restart the ocean/river cruising industry.  Of the 12,834 (mostly anonymous) comments received one of the most important, or at least high profile, has to be the […]

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From Tom Ewing

Good Morning:
* IoT = Internet of Things – one of those possibly transformational developments impacting everything: from medicine to automobiles to supply chains to energy production to public utilities. On September 1 the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, within the […]

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Homebuilding research operation rescued

Homebuilding research operation rescued:
Another potential casualty of the housing crash has been rescued from the brink of extinction.

A private homebuilding foundation will take over the Construction Industry Research Board, which has been compiling building statistics in California since 1974, with […]

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