Cole Brock’s EndZone

Ole Miss what are we going to do with you? It’s been a long time, since a team as undeserving of credit and acclaim, has beeen as hyped and talked about. This year’s USC may compare, but they, at least, beat a good Ohio State team that was deserving of some attention. For the hapless Rebs’, the first two games were cakewalks. Their fiery finish last season sent thousands of Ole Miss fans into a crazed hysteria, the likes of which previously only the Mannings could accomplish. Houston Nutt has beentouted as the savior, the man with the plan. Nutt accomplished a lot with a little last year. This had been his “MO” at Arkansas for years. I like Nutt as a coach and a motivator; he’s a great leader and his players always leave their hearts out on the field for him. Regardless, Ole Miss DOES NOT have the talent their ranking warrants. I never believed they were a top 5 team. They may end the year as a top ten team, but this was much to much, much to soon for the rejuvenated Rebels.

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