Telogis Introduces New Advanced, Scalable Fleet Management Platform: Telogis Fleet 8

Telogis, the platform for location intelligence, introduces Telogis Fleet 8:  GPS fleet management software. Telogis’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) GPS fleet management system drives rapid return on investment for fleets of all sizes through improved productivity and operational streamlining. Telogis Fleet 8 now incorporates dynamic traffic and weather data to allow fleet managers to make the most informed real-time routing and allocation decisions based on current conditions in the field.

Additional new components include an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)/International Registration Plan (IRP) data feed, Multiple Vehicle Histories, Streetside/Birds Eye View imaging, and a Fuel Card Reconciliation Module that monitors and manages fuel cards.

These new elements build on a platform that already offers fleet managers a wide range of tools to better manage a company’s mobile assets, whether it’s trucks or equipment, or on 50 vehicles or 50,000. This scalable solution integrates with Telogis Route and Telogis Mobile to create a complete platform that monitors the location, health, performance and security of mobile assets, while presenting that data in a way that is easy for fleet managers and executives to understand and act upon

Telogis Fleet 8 features new premium data content that centralizes in one program the daily fleet management tools needed to track and manage a company’s mobile assets. New content includes:

  • Traffic—Telogis Fleet 8 imports real-time traffic data to allow fleet managers and dispatchers to re-assign jobs if they notice a major traffic jam or incident that prevents a crew from getting to their next job on time.

  • Weather—real-time weather monitoring assists in both routing and planning. If the fleet manager notices a major weather pattern moving in, Telogis Fleet 8 helps them alert crews in the field as to whether they can continue working, or if re-routing while in traffic may help them get to their destination faster.

  • Streetside/Birds Eye View—easily view the actual location and surroundings of your field team. This offers many benefits, including providing emergency response teams with the ability to determine the potential clean-up equipment needs based on surroundings (trees, utility poles, etc.).

Telogis Fleet 8 also offers new advanced tracking tools designed to reduce operating and administrative costs, and improve the safety and utilization of assets in the field:

  • IFTA/IRP Data Feed—helps companies that have vehicles traveling through multiple states accurately and efficiently manage their compliance based on GPS data and determine the best place to register each vehicle.

  • Multiple Vehicle Histories—allows Telogis Fleet 8 users to view the current and historical status of multiple vehicles in a single window. It easily tracks potential drags on productivity and cost, such as incidents of mobile workers congregating in a single location for too long, and speed vs. posted speed limit signs for known speeding offenders.

  • What Happened Here?—a new tool that simplifies the process of researching incidents at specific locations/times. It now takes seconds and helps expedite investigations into purported violations or incidents involving your company’s vehicles/equipment.

  • Fuel Card Module—leverages fuel card data and GPS locations to better manage fuel purchases. In addition to recording fuel card transactions, the module compares the transactions to GPS-provided vehicle locations to verify authorized use. If a card is used without an approved vehicle within a specified range, that information is called out to the fleet manager.
  • Field Management Co-Location Module—uses GPS to determine when a foreman/supervisor’s truck is located on a jobsite or other location related to the job, such as a maintenance shop or depot. This compares when a vehicle is specifically “co-located” at a jobsite with other field resources to determine how much time is spent on site. This shows each supervisor’s daily routine and allows management to make decisions about how field resources are deployed and supervised.

Telogis Fleet 8 seamlessly integrates with Telogis Route and Telogis Mobile to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for fleet management. It features numerous customizable modules and is available in three different editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

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