Texas Based Holt Cat Delivers Relief In Northeast After Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, HOLT CAT rose to the challenge and provided power to affected regions. Following the superstorm’s destruction across the Northeast, the CAT dealer’s national response team deployed power generator equipment and service technicians to New York and New Jersey, restoring temporary and permanent power in those areas.

Currently, HOLT’s generators have provided 13.3 megawatts of electric power to the Northeast, and HOLT’s National Accounts administrative staff continues to provide tools and technicians to service power outages.Through sale and rental, HOLT has also provided more than 40 dewatering pumps and 100 light towers.

HOLT CAT Product Support Sales Manager Samuel Miller described this effort, “It speaks volumes [about the company] that HOLT’s National Accounts were able to coordinate this much personnel and tap into equipment providers on a local level, who delivered equipment and transportation options to facilitate relief efforts.”

Power generators are currently powering the New York Stock Exchange and other critcial institutions that would otherwise be without power. HOLT is proud to be a provider of generators and service techinicans in the area. HOLT will continue to prioritize relief efforts in the Northeast.

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