Tom Ewing’s Regulatory Update

* The New and the Newer: Remember Executive Order 13990, signed January 20? Oh, you don’t? That was the EO addressing a range of topics, from public health to climate change to natural treasures and monuments. It required heads of agencies to list, within 30 days, regulations that might conflict with the EO and, possibly, be subject to further review by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). And – completely new – the list also has to go to the new National Climate Advisor who will also get a list of regs not subject to OMB review.  Preliminary lists, then, were due by Feb. 19 (30 days). Were they handed in on time?  Hard to tell, at least from websites.  There is an earlier, preliminary list from January 21. That list, for EPA, for example, presents 48 regulations for review, and possible change. There are 10 for DOE. Thirty-one for Interior. Did that first list expand or contract? The 02/19 deadline is important because the listing will contain the topics for possible regulatory changes to be made by the end of this year. 

* An interview with the National Climate Advisor:NCA: What do you want, Peasant?
Manufacturer: Uh, this is about our company’s application for an air quality operating permit…?
NCA: Can’t do it. Your modeling only goes out 5 years. Not good enough.
Manufacturer: …but that’s what the application asks for…
NCA: Fool. You need to go out 578 years.
Manufacturer: Wha’…!? EPA’s air quality impact model is only approved for 5 years… There are too many unknowns…
NCA: Knave. Obviously you didn’t read the memo. Our models go out 1500 years. There are no unknowns. We can predict every aspect of every input for the entire climate, from solar winds to cows breaking wind, forever. We can’t tolerate second rate science like yours when it comes to the earth. Wait, where are you going?!
Manufacturer: To our overseas plant.

Big Trucking: The Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee meets next on March 23 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The committee usually meets twice yearly. It was established to provide information, advice, and recommendations to the Secretary of Transportation, through the Federal Aviation Administrator, on all matters relating to U.S. commercial space transportation industry activities. Looks like this will be a Zoom meeting. The agenda was not available as of Friday, 02/19 but it’s supposed to be ready soon. Discussion at the September meeting included reference to upcoming ideas for a National Spaceport Authority concept. A final Spaceport rule was due to “be published in the near future,” according to Lirio Liu, Executive Director, who also said that FAA would host a number of briefings on the rule. The website has the latest information and contains staff contact information, including emails.
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