Tony Lama Work Boots And How To Fit Your Them To Your Feet

Tony Lama 3R Work boots offer safety features that protect against the most common injuries including those experienced construction from impact due to falling or rolling objects to falling on slippery surfaces. Tony Lama 3R Work boots safety features designed for survival in the toughest working conditions include:

Steel Toe and Rugged Steel Shanks

Several Tony Lama 3R Work styles offer the ultimate protection of steel toe and rugged steel shank. The steel toe meets ASTM safety toe requirements, and the rugged steel shank provides extra stability and prevents foot fatigue. Both of these technologies meet the consumer’s key function and comfort demands.

Outsole Offerings

While many new safety features focus on the construction of the inner work boot, the outsole shouldn’t be ignored. The Tony Lama 3R Work boots incorporate a Goodyear Welt and Storm Welt system which maintains rugged durability and seals out moisture. The Dual-Density, Long Wearing Rubber Outsole is also slip- and oil-resistant, providing sturdy outsoles that offer life-saving gripping features.

Insole Offerings

When working long active hours, it’s important to know what kind of stability and comfort your footwear can provide. The insoles of every Tony Lama 3R Work boot has EVA Midsoles which provides cushioning, boot stability and absorption for your feet. The Triple-Density Removable Orthotic insoles are also a great feature which helps re-align the foot and ankle bones, distribute weight, reduce pressure spots and provide some shock absorption. With the added comfort of the Fourth Layer of Performance Material, these boots deliver unparalleled comfort for the longest of days.

A proper-fitting boot can benefit the wearer as much as the protective features. The following should be taken into consideration when shopping for a new pair:

Instep: The instep should fit snug but not too tight. If the instep is too loose, the wearer will experience excessive slipping in the heel. If it’s too tight, it could cause heel and toe pain. Various widths should be considered to achieve the perfect-fitting instep.

Ball: The ball of the foot should rest on the ball of the boot. If it’s too short, the ball of the foot will sit too far forward and force the toes into the toe box, causing pain.

Heel: Slight slippage in the heel might be experienced with a new pair of boots. However, they’re broken in, the sole will flex and with time, the wearer will notice most of the slippage will disappear.

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