Everyone Benefits from a Digital Twin

By  Kevin Vivien, Product Manager, Construction, Bentley Systems.

Throughout the lifecycle of a project, data has always been the key element in keeping things moving forward throughout the various design, bid, and construction stages to the eventual handoff to the owner-operator. […]

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Construction Retrofit Opportunity

LED Fixture Continuously Disinfects Airborne Viruses in Commercial Spaces

By Del Williams

Construction professionals have a golden retrofitting opportunity as commercial facilities expand their precautions against viruses: an effective new type of “germicidal” LED fixture that can be quickly and easily installed […]

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Historical Construction Equipment Association

The Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA), a 501(c)3
non-profit organization, is the only organization in the world dedicated to
preserving and documenting for public education the history of the
construction, dredging and surface mining equipment industries. For more
information, visit our site at www.hcea.net […]

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“NEW” 2022 HCEA Calendar Available

“NEW” 2022 HCEA Calendar – Order your HCEA Calendar today

The Historical Construction Equipment Association is proud to announce its 2022 Wall Calendar!


Each month shows a black-and-white image of antique construction, dredging or surface mining machinery. These calendars would […]

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