Trimble Expands the Quantm Alignment Planning Product Line with Desktop Option

Trimble introduced today its Quantm Desktop software for road alignment planning to complement its existing alignment planning system. The innovative new Quantm Desktop software simultaneously considers construction costs, environmental restrictions, social constraints and legislative obligations, allowing infrastructure planners to thoroughly examine all alternatives and select the most appropriate corridors for roads. When compared to results using traditional industry best practice planning methods, the software can provide significant reductions in project planning time and cost for road projects.

Since 2000, the Quantm System has supported road planners through the complex process of generating and selecting corridors and alignments. Unique alignment optimization technology generates millions of alternative alignments and provides a range of options for review by various stakeholders. As the project progresses, different scenarios are created using the latest terrain, geological, topological, social and environmental inputs to iteratively produce revised results for consideration and refinement. Using a thin client and advanced IT technology, the Quantm System accesses data that is processed on the Quantm server and is implemented on a consultative project-by-project basis.

The new Quantm Desktop software is ideal for a variety of short distance projects such as local and regional roads, bypasses, ring roads and many others. The Quantm Desktop software version has been optimized to take advantage of unique Quantm technology to process the data locally on the user’s computer. The Quantm Desktop also allows the customer to use the software for multiple projects rather than on a project-by-project basis. For larger road and rail projects, Trimble continues to offer its Quantm service using a thin client and advanced IT technology to access data that is processed on the Quantm server.

At the pre-feasibility stage, the Quantm Desktop software can be used as a tool to aid decision-making, determining the macro viability of the road corridor options. The software generates multiple alignments that cluster into primary corridors, while maintaining the 3D geometric requirements and other project constraints. The result is a set of preferred alignments for public consultation.

Using detailed data in the preferred corridor, the software further optimizes and refines the alignment. Throughout the feasibility process new constraints can be added based on the detailed data collection and the alignment can be refined to address the social and environmental constraints.

The Quantm Desktop software is also available in a configuration for civil engineers and contractors. This version allows users to refine the vertical geometry to reduce earthwork and other construction costs, based on an analysis of the material flow along the road alignment, after introducing the project constraints to material flow. It is currently available and supported in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

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