Cooper Tire & Rubber Company recently launched Cooper truck tires

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company recently launched Cooper truck tires which are designed and engineered to deliver quality and value. Cooper tires have been developed for fleets to reduce their overall tires program costs. The tires are offered in three series based on application – PRO Series™ for long-haul, WORK Series™ for regional-haul, pick-up and delivery, and SEVERE Series™ for mixed service.

The PRO Series is an on-highway, long-haul line up featuring proprietary technology and is SmartWay verified. The Cooper PRO Series delivers savings to your fleet through competitive acquisition cost, innovative rubber compounds which balance rolling resistance and long mileage, and a highly engineered casing designed for multiple retreads.

The WORK Series is an on/off-highway, regional-haul line-up featuring proprietary technology and SmartWay verified tires in steer and drive positions. The WORK Series delivers the right mix of efficiency and durability for demanding regional-haul applications.














The SEVERE Series is a mixed service line-up designed for extreme applications. With proprietary compounds that promote chip, cut and scrub resistance, the SEVERE Series’ heavy duty construction and innovative tread designs and compounds deliver the performance expected in extreme conditions.

















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