How to reduce your construction site waste

What to do with your construction waste? An important question when we know that the construction sector is part of the club of the biggest polluters in the world. In this perpetual search for a greener world, it is essential to find effective solutions to reduce our carbon impact.

Within our reach, we carry out sorting, recycling and we try to reduce our waste production. But what about construction? The State of Florida has implemented numerous measures to limit construction site waste. Waste recovery, recycling or reuse, discover the best green solutions for managing your construction site waste.

Construction, a bad student of the environment

The construction sector alone produces 6 million tons of waste per year in Florida. For comparison, household waste represents 3 million tons per year. We understand that construction still has a way to go to reduce its waste. For more details on these 6 million tons of waste per year, 49% concerns demolition, 38% rehabilitation and 13% new construction. Along with the transport sector, construction is a poor performer in terms of ecology.

Fortunately, the authorities of Florida are trying by all means to find solutions to make this sector greener. Obviously, to start this green walk, it is important to think about waste management: where and how to throw it? How to recycle or reuse materials? Important questions that can significantly reduce the impact of buildings on our planet.

Construction site waste: the laws in force

The state of Florida intends to fight against climate change. To achieve this, there are numerous measures, including the waste management policy put in place by the government. This is a state waste prevention program to reduce the production of construction site waste.

The main lines of this program aim to recover construction site waste. Waste recovery involves recycling and reusing materials. These practices are still too marginalized in the construction industry. To make it easier for companies to dispose of their construction site waste properly, there is a network of professional recycling centers managing the sorting of materials.

In addition, the government has introduced free waste collection. Interesting initiatives that deserve to be used by all construction companies. By implementing this program, the government is committed to reducing the carbon impact of construction. The government’s four commitments are:

  • The recovery and recycling of inert building waste
  • Recycling of plaster waste
  • Recycling of flat glass from deconstruction and renovation
  • The recovery of wood waste from construction in cement works

All these measures are specially made to reduce the carbon impact of the construction sector. But one question burns on our lips, are these measures sufficient to achieve this?
Where to throw your construction waste?

As explained above, to throw away your construction waste, there is a whole network of professional recycling centers which manage the sorting of materials. In addition, free waste collection allows all companies, even the most financially limited, to dispose of their waste properly.

Today, many initiatives have emerged in Florida to improve the reuse of materials, unfortunately this practice is used too little. However, reusing materials is an effective solution to limit the carbon footprint of your site. For what? Because it not only allows the company to save money but also to build more responsibly.

Digital technology to dispose of your construction waste

For managing your waste, the waste management company Dumpster Center Sarasota provides an application that allows you to transform your waste, reuse it or recycle it. Beyond being a very effective application for managing your waste, they also give you valuable personalized advice to make your construction site greener.

To dispose of your waste properly, websites allow you to locate the collection point closest to you. Digital plays a vital role in the fight against climate change. Thanks to digital technologies, applications have emerged to help you recycle, reuse or simply dispose of your waste properly.