DEWALT® Introduces New 4-in-1 Multi Functional Utility Bar

e8c7b192e4b0e5d3514471ab_1280x196DEWALT® introduces the new Multi-Functional Utility (MFU) Bar eliminating the need for multiple tools on the jobsite. Available in two sizes, the DEWALT® 30” and 40” MFU Bar is ideal for ripping, striking, prying, and scraping applications for renovators, deck builders, and contractors alike.

The MFU Bar features a hardened striking surface manufactured with 7/8” tri-lobe stock for durability, a gooseneck head for board grabbing, and an extra-wide pry end designed with precision ground edges.  While the MFU Bar can be used for prying applications, it also makes adjusting boards in the floor or a wall a simple task by providing a pivot leverage point, giving the user a mechanical advantage. The angled foot at the bottom of the MFU Bar also offers leverage while scraping or lifting during the demolition process. The nail puller located at the bottom of the bar helps remove stubborn nails with ease.


The 30” DEWALT® Multi-Functional Utility Bar – model DWHT55292 – retails for approximately $24.98 and the 40” DEWALT® Multi-Functional Utility Bar – model DWHT55293 – retails for approximately $29.98.


DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of industrial corded and cordless power tools, power tool accessories, and hand tools in categories that include Woodworking, Drilling & Fastening, Concrete & Metal Power Tools, as well as Cutting, Abrasive, and IMPACT READY® Impact Driver Power Tool Accessories. Hand Tool categories include Measuring & Layout, Knives & Blades, Mechanics Tools, and Storage Solutions.

With seven manufacturing locations in the USA, DEWALT remains committed to domestic manufacturing and produced approximately 62 million individual units of Power Tools, Hand Tools, and Accessories in the United States with global materials in 2015 alone.

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Meet the DCV 517 DEWALT’s New 20V 1/2 Gallon Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum

DEWALT announces the new 20V MAX* ½ Gallon Wet / Dry Hand Vacuum, the DCV517. The new DEWALT hand vacuum will use the same GORE® HEPA DCV517_1 DCV517_2 DCV517_3filter as the DC515, making it the only vacuum in its class with both wet and dry cleaning capabilities.1 The HEPA filter is efficient, trapping 99.97% of dust as small as 0.3 microns (10x smaller than drywall dust). It also minimizes ‘blow by’ of dust in the vacuum exhaust air. A membrane coating minimizes dust penetration through the filter and allows the cartridge to be rinsed after use. Original filter performance is then restored after cleaning, increasing the lifetime and efficiency of the vacuum. A membrane filter also provides easy usability by allowing the vacuum to accept wet and dry material without any component changes.

This new vacuum features a largest-in-class tank capacity at ½ gallons, allowing the user to vacuum more volume-per-tank than with a competitive unit.1 Large capacity is critical to vacuum performance, as frequent tank empties lead to inefficiency on the jobsite. This vacuum is also the only in its class to have a flexible hose attachment.1 This provides users with dual clean-up modes—a built-in gulper nozzle for bigger jobs, or a detachable hose for tighter spaces. This 2.5’ hose is extendable up to 5’ and accepts DEWALT vacuum accessories with the addition of the Universal AirLock Adaptor. The DCV517 also has a gripped handle for comfort, and an easy-to-access, industrial-grade switch.

Powered by the DEWALT 20V MAX* battery system, the DCV517 will also see additional performance improvements over the DC515. Not only will this platform upgrade allow users to run the vacuum on their current 20V MAX* DEWALT batteries, there will also be a significant runtime improvement over the 18V DC515. This increased battery capacity will lead the DCV517’s improved performance on key vacuum specifications. Two critical specifications for rating vacuum performance are airflow and seal pressure. A balanced combination of high CFM and seal pressure ratings provides ideal vacuum performance through high power and strong suction. The new DCV517 exhibits a best-in-class seal pressure rating1 and high airflow rating.

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GOMACO Introduced the GP3, World’s Most Intelligent Paver

Gomaco header3GOMACO introduced the all-new GP3 slipform paver for widths up to 30 feet (9.14 m) at World of Concrete 2016. The dual-telescoping GP3 is the first in a new family of GOMACO pavers with next generation technology. It features Smart Frame Widening to accommodate multiple width changes, Smart Leg Positioning and Smart Steering with full-steer tracks, all controlled by the GOMACO-exclusive G+® digital control system to make the GP3 the world’s most intelligent paver.

GOMACO_GP3The new GOMACO GP3 Smart Paver has been designed to easily accommodate multiple width changes. It features a roller frame with dual telescoping capabilities of up to seven feet (2.13 m) on each side of the paver, for a total of 14 feet (4.26 m) of automatic frame widening. Double parallel, hydraulic telescoping frame members in the front and rear of the mainframe allow the dual telescoping capability. Smart cylinders in the unique roller frame allow Smart Telescoping with accurate frame widening and automatic width reference for steering setup. The T-beam mounting rail is incorporated into the telescoping frame.

The GP3’s Smart Leg Positioning includes sensored, hydraulic rotational drives on the pivot arms of each of the paver’s four legs. The Smart Pivots on the legs provide the G+ control system with information on the angle of rotation and work together with the track rotation sensors to maintain the tracks in the straight-head steering line. Sensored, hydraulic rotational drives are also located on each of the paver’s four tracks for the ultimate in Smart Steering technology and extreme steering with the tracks having the ability to steer farther than ever before. The Smart Track Rotation provides the G+ control system with exact track location and position. The GP3 easily turns radii with Smart Leg Positioning and Smart Track Rotation. They work with the G+ control system to automatically control the direction and speed of the track travel through a radius.

The new paver has been designed for easy transport. The paver is put into the Transport Mode by simply driving the legs around to the transport position with the GP3’s full-steer tracks and hydraulic rotational sensored pivot arms. With the legs in the transport position, G+ travel is switched to “Transport” for complete control. It has a retractable, sliding operator’s console to reduce the shipping width of the machine. The paver has a minimum transport width of only 8.51 feet (2.59 m) and 33.3 feet (10.15 m) minimum transport length.

The GP3 was designed to be easy to operate with the G+ control system, as well as comfortable for the operator while offering a complete view of the entire job site. Vibrator modules are positioned across the front of the operator’s platform for easy accessibility and operation visibility. G+ allows quiet running technology and also load-sensed hydraulics for maximum paving performance and optimized fuel efficiency. The paver has an isolated operator’s platform for operator comfort during a long day of slipform paving. The platform is easy to access with multi-positioning, pivoting ladders. The ladders allow variable degrees of angle for safety and ease in climbing. For minimum-clearance paving conditions, the ladders can be vertically positioned tight against the paver.


G+ Connect allows all the smart accessories and guidance system for the GOMACO paver to be easily interfaced. Simply “connect” a 3D stringless guidance system, IDBI, tie bar inserter (TBI), power transition adjustor (PTA), GOMACO Smoothness Indicator (GSI®) and more to the GP3 slipform paver. The GP3 can also feature the latest in telematics and remote diagnostics.

GOMACO’s line of concrete slipform paving equipment was represented at World of Concrete 2016. GOMACO’s different models of pavers are capable of slipforming widths from 10 to 50 feet (3 to 15.2 m) in a single pass. The zero-clearance GT-3200 sidewalk paver and Next Generation Commander III set up in barrier mode is also on display. The equipment features GOMACO’s exclusive G+ control system on-board for simple machine operation, fast machine response, and quick, pinpointed trouble-shooting capabilities. Along with the paving equipment, the GOMACO Smoothness Indicator is being showcased as a tool for meeting rideability with on-the-go smoothness monitoring. High-volume placing is also highlighted in the booth with the GOMACO RTP-500 rubber-tracked placer.

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