Buildings built with recycled aluminum

The resources present on earth are not inexhaustible. It is for this purpose that recycling was invented and is increasingly developed. Its development has reached the point where today, certain buildings can be built entirely from recycled materials. In this article, we talk to you about the use of recycled aluminum in building construction.

Why aluminum

Aluminum is a very common building material and present in almost all buildings constructed. Whether for housing, offices or factory construction, aluminum is found everywhere. Many have already heard of it in the field of recycled aluminum joinery.

Aluminum has a very good yield when it comes to recycling. At first, it is easy to collect. Either it is found in its pure state, or it is found combined with other metals or materials. In the first case, it is directly saved and in the second case, it can be separated from other materials by chemical or mechanical processes. This allows you to have beautiful joinery with the most beautiful effect;

Aluminum gives a yield rate of nearly 95% after recycling. This means that only a very small amount is lost during recycling. This material is therefore very suitable for recycling and reuse.

What are the advantages of constructing buildings with recycled aluminum

You are a construction company and you are wondering what benefit you will have in using recycled aluminum for your constructions? Here are the advantages linked to this choice.

A profitable investment

The first reason for using recycled aluminum in the construction of new buildings is its profitability. In fact, aluminum retains almost all of its initial value. This means that whether or not you use recycled aluminum to build, you will have the possibility of reselling it once the building is demolished, without too big a difference in price.

In addition, aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without losing its value, changing or altering the material. So, for a basic purchase, there are thousands of possible reuses.

Solid constructions

For construction professionals, the primary concern is to find high-performance materials so that buildings do not fail. Rest assured that recycled aluminum is just as strong as when it was first manufactured. Sometimes it is even stronger than when it was first made.

Whether it is in better condition or not depends only on the company handling its transformation. To reassure you even more about the quality of recycled aluminum, know that it is sold under the control of the American Aluminum Association which makes it pass numerous quality tests.

Action for the planet

Finally, by using recycled aluminum for your building construction, you contribute to reducing industrial pollution around the world. Recycling aluminum consumes only 5% of the energy used to manufacture the same quantity of aluminum.

With recycled aluminum in the construction sector, you think economical, ecological and sustainable.